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Did you feel the earth move at 4.16am? (Seriously)

May 29 8:37 AM




British Geological Survey

DID YOU FEEL the earth move last night? No, we’re not talking about any nocturnal shenanigans you may have gotten up to, but whether you felt the tremors from a quake that struck Wales.

According to some of our readers, the tremors could be felt in Bray:

And also in Dublin 13:

British Geological Survey seismologist Julian Bukits told that the quake measured 3.8 magnitude, and that it was felt on the east coast of Ireland. “We heard a few reports from the Dublin area,” he said, adding that the east coast is 110km east of the epicentre.

The epicentre was about 13km northwest of Abersoch in Gwynedd in Wales, and earthquakes of that size occur every 18 months in the UK. “It shouldn’t have caused any damage at all,” said Bukits, adding that most of the 120 people who contacted the BGS said the quake woke them up and that the shaking was “moderate”.

The earthquake was located about 20km south west of a 5.4 magnitude event that occurred in July 1984, which was the biggest onshore earthquake recorded in the UK.

Earthquakes in this part of Wales are not unusual, as it is a “seismically active area”, said Bukits.

Did you feel the earthquake last night? Tell us your experiences in the comments.

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